Online Mastering from JSplash Studios

Welcome to our website. We offer the most affordable professional audio mastering services in the planet.

We have a dedicated group of sound engineers who are well-experienced and know exactly what is to be done to the tracks according to its genre to make it sound the best. We do not use any presets but each track is individually worked on to suit its needs. Your tracks will go through various enhancement processes including tube compression, equalization, noise reduction, stereo widening, bass enhancement, maximization etc. After mastering, you will notice that your songs will sound clearer and much louder.

We work in a completely online fashion. That means, we do not ship out CDs. You will send us the tracks and after they are mastered, we will send them back to you through email. By restricting our operations to 'online exclusive' manner, we are able to provide quality services keeping our operational expenses to minimum.

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